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PAYG Splash Plastic Prepaid Maestro Card

Introducing the Pay As You Go Splash Plastic Prepaid Maestro card - no credit checks, no bank account needed and no risk of debt.

360 MoneySplash Plastic is a prepaid Maestro card and it works in the same way as a pay as you go mobile phone.

i.e. you can top it up with cash at over 34,000 locations nationwide, have your wages or salary from your employer paid directly onto the card or you can transfer money from a bank account onto your card.

Furthermore, you can spend without the fear of debt or fraud at millions of retailers online or on the high street and you can even use it to withdraw cash from ATM's.

360 Money powers Splash Plastic and is the UK's largest prepaid network offering chip and PIN enabled cards which give you complete safety and control.

Splash Plastic ensures you are not at risk of debt as you can only spend what you have pre-loaded on the card.

No credit checks or bank accounts are required, in fact, Splash Plastic is ideal for anyone wanting to have more control over their finances, perhaps people who have a less than perfect credit history and even foreign nationals who have just arrived in the UK and cannot get a bank account.

The Maestro brand is accepted Worldwide wherever the Maestro logo is displayed - on the internet and in the high streeet.

Chip and PIN allows for more secure shopping and with balance enquiries 24/7 either by phone or through an online account management system, you are always in control of your finances.

Prepaid Card Top-UpTopping up your Splash Plastic card has never been easier, top-up at any Post Office branch or PayPoint outlet of which there are over 34,000 locations across the UK.

For people with credit cards or debit cards, simply top-up online - simple, convenient and quick.

Amongst other benefits, the Splash Plastic prepaid card now benefits from the ability to share money with friends and family - Splash Plastic card users can now apply for up to 4 additional cards.

The applicant / user can top-up funds in the UK and the second, third or fourth card can have access to those funds anywhere in the World where the Maestro brand is accepted.

Splash - the unique prepayment solution, a sort of pay-as-you-go stored value Maestro card.

Splash Plastic - Pay As You Go Maestro

Just a few good reasons why you should get a Splash Plastic Maestro card:
  • NO Credit Checks
  • NO Bank Account Required
  • 34,000 Top-Up Locations
  • Just Arrived In The UK & Can't Get A Bank Account
  • Have Your Wages Paid Onto Your Splash Plastic
  • NO Worries About Getting Into Debt

    Apply Online NOW

    Splash Plastic Prepaid Maestro PAYG Card

360 Money e-Voucher

An example e-Voucher receipt received from a PayPoint retailer ... simply pop along to your PayPoint outlet, hand over your cash and you'll be given a 360 Money e-Voucher.

PayPoint 360 Money e-Voucher

You don't even need your top-up card to top up your Splash Plastic.

Finally, keep your 360money e-Voucher safe and go to the Splash Plastic website, where you will be given clear instructions on loading your Splash Plastic with the sum on the e-Voucher.

360money is a service provided by PrePay Technologies Limited - a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.




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