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100% Guaranteed Acceptance: A MasterCard ... Visa or Amex For Everyone !

UK Prepaid Card & Credit Card Solutions

Credit cards, debit cards and guaranteed acceptance prepaid cards. Whether you have a poor or bad credit history with CCJ's or you are bankrupt, perhaps you have been refused credit or you are simply looking for the best credit card deal available, we have a credit card and prepaid card solution for everyone.

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Capital One Classic Visa Credit Card

IT'S BACK - by popular demand, the Capital One Classic Visa credit card ... start your easy 1 page application form online now for a 'Response in 1 Minute' GUARANTEED ...

Capital One Classic Visa Credit CardCapital One invite applications from people with a poor credit rating and with a Capital One Classic card, you could strengthen your credit history.

It's simple to apply and you'll receive a response in 1 minute.

  • NO Annual Fee
  • Between £200 - £2500 (Spending Power)
  • FREE Card Design Choice
  • Spread Your Payments
  • Accepted In Over 20 Million Outlets
  • Use At Over 800,000 ATM's Worldwide
  • FREE Identity Theft Service
  • Typical 34.9% APR Representative Variable

Representative Example
34.9% APR Representative Variable
34.94% PA Variable On Purchases
1,200 Credit Limit

Capital One (Europe) PLC - Trent House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3HX

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e-Debit Card 4 All.com Resources Directory
Our resources section is topic specific - please find links to everything financial below.


Debt Management
One way to look at debt management is to equate it with an obstacle towards achieving your dreams - one that you must master if you intend to move forward in life.

Debt Elimination
FiX-a-Debt - Eliminate your debt and fix your credit quickly and easily.

Debt Info Sources
Debt information ..

Debt Relief
Debt Relief Today ... provides you with information about credit scoring, debt consolidation, credit counseling, money budgeting and home refinance options to help you improve your financial situation.

Student Loan Consolidation
Student Loan Consolidation program to help you reduce loan by upto 60%. Signup today and save hundreds of dollars.

Avoid Bankruptcy Now
Tips, tricks and techniques to restore your credit and avoid bankruptcy now.

Bill and Debt Consolidation-Online Debt Consolidation Information
Are you considering Bill and debt consolidation ? Is this a good thing? For some it is. For others, it can be a costly mistake. The most important aspect of...

California Debt Consolidation
Are you worried that you will wind up with the wrong debt consolidation company in California? You should be but you do not have to worry. There are several things that you can do.

Cash For Structured Settlements
On this site you will learn how to get the most cash possible for your structured settlement payments.

Credit Card Debt Relief
Get credit card debt relief and start living free once again with our credit card debt settlement and consolidation program helping you to eliminate debt and minimise creditor phone calls.

Debt Consolidation
Get multiple debt consolidation offers by filling out one simple form.

Debt Consolidation
Get updated informations on debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt solution and debts in general.

Debt Elimination
Debt eliminatination tips and advice for people to learn how to get out of debt and eliminate the harrassing debt collection calls.

Let the experts at DCO arrange your IVA - rest assured that if an IVA is an appropriate solution to your problems it will be a true IVA - Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

Reduce Debt
Debt Free After All's Debt Reduction Program is an established and highly effective debt settlement strategy to reduce debt - our trade marked system is a superior alternative to debt consolidation and filing bankruptcy.

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In addition to providing great deals on the best credit cards available in the UK, we are dedicated to sourcing guaranteed acceptance and prepaid MasterCard, Visa and Amex cards for people with adverse credit and no credit history. Perhaps you simply want a convenient way to budget your money.

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MasterCard | Visa & Amex Card Services

Prepaid Pay As You Go Cards | MasterCard ... Visa & Amex Available Prepaid Cards
Introducing the UK's first chip and PIN prepaid MasterCard from cashplus ... and the Amex prepaid card.
0% Credit Card Offers | Football Club & Charity Branded MasterCard / Visa Credit Cards Credit Cards
Great 0% offers, football club and charity credit cards, MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards.

Provident Budget Loan Replaces VISA Card

Refused a credit card or finance elsewhere - try the NEW Budget Loan from Provident Financial with amounts from £50 right up to £500 available.

NEW Provident Budget Loan Replaces Visa Debit CardThe Provident Budget Loan replaces the Provident Visa card.

Loans are available in values up to £500 and you may use the money for any purpose.

Use the Provident advance for any purpose, perhaps something special or that little unforeseen emergency.

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Vanquis Visa Credit Card

Vanquis Visa credit card - ideal for people with adverse credit, CCJ's, defaults, poor credit and past credit problems.

Vanquis Visa Credit CardBy keeping to your credit limit and repaying on time, your improved track record could help you build a strong credit history and increase your credit limit. Remember, the best way to pay less interest is to pay off your monthly balance in full whenever you can.

It couldn't be more simple and if you've had a card application declined in the past, the Vanquis Visa credit card could be the card for you.

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Virgin Prepaid MasterCard

We are delighted to introduce back for 2010, the Virgin Money Prepaid MasterCard from Virgin Money UK.

Virgin Money Prepaid MasterCardYou spend on the Virgin Prepaid MasterCard just like a credit card and you can use it in all the same places as you would use a MasterCard credit card.

The difference between using the prepaid card as opposed to a credit card is that you load it up with cash before you shop rather than paying for it after.

No worrying about bills or interest and no getting carried away with spending.

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