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Frequently Asked Questions
Credit cards, debit cards and guaranteed acceptance prepaid cards - if you have a queries, you may find the answer to your question in this section.

Watch this space for new FAQ's in the coming weeks.

All your payment card questions answered - if you cannot find an answer to a specific query you have, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact section.

How can a prepaid card be offered as Guaranteed ?
A prepaid card does not offer a credit facility, there is no 'risk', so the card can be offered regardless of your credit status, guaranteed.

Are discharged and undischarged bankrupts and other applicants with very poor credit guaranteed acceptance of a prepaid card ?

Are any of the cards on your site virtual cards ?
No, they are physical MasterCard or Visa branded cards that can be used anywhere their respective logo's are displayed.

Do your prepaid card have prepaid printed on it ?
No, the card looks and feels like any other credit card and does not have Prepaid printed on it.

Is there a limit to the amount I can load onto the card ?
Yes, the current limit is 5000  (GBP  -  's Sterling)  per transaction.

What is a Prepaid Credit Card ?
Unlike traditional credit cards, the prepaid MasterCard or Visa does not extend credit to the card holder.  Instead, accounts are prepaid for a specific amount, while being backed by MasterCard or Visa for near universal acceptance.  The card works in much the same way as a prepaid mobile phone card.

What if I have bad credit ?
Credit is not a determining factor as no actual credit facility is given.  All UK applicants apply for a prepaid card are accepted regardless of past or present credit history subject to identity and address verification.

Are all prepaid card transactions and deposits insured ?
Yes, transactions and deposits are fully insured by the issuing bank.

Will I receive a monthly statement for my prepaid card account ?
Since the card is a prepaid card, you will not receive any monthly statements as there are no minimum monthly payments.  However, you can access account information online or check your card balance at any ATM machine bearing the MasterCard or Visa logo.  Your online account will supply you with a history of all your transactions.

What charges are payable for the prepaid card use ?
Whereas with a normal credit card banks make their profits based on interest charges, as there is no interest to charge there are small charges for particular uses made by the account holding bank - please refer to the terms and conditions for your preferred card.

I have previously applied for a prepaid card but have been disappointed ?
Unfortunately, some companies have employed misleading tactics and offered Maestro Cards, Cirrus Cards and VISA Electron Cards as opposed to full MasterCard or VISA branded cards  -  some companies only offer virtual internet cards where you receive a card number only.  e-Debit Card 4 All.com are authorised affiliates for all prepaid card schemes offered on this site.

Our 'NEW' cashplus Prepaid MasterCard is the only genuine prepaid MasterCard being offered in the UK  -  it is a 'real' card and can be used wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed.

Rest assured, the card you receive will be a MasterCard branded, physical, prepaid card.

What is the total cost of the guaranteed application fee for the prepaid card ?
We do not make ANY charges whatsoever however, please refer to the terms and conditions for your preferred card.

Are prepaid cards available elsewhere ?
We offer only genuine stored value MasterCard and Visa cards available in the UK and as Authorised Affiliates, we are pleased to offer this UK Portal to access these much sought after branded products.

How long will it take to receive my card ?
Cards are despatched within 10 days or 21 days - dependent on which card you apply for.  Your pin number will be sent separately and will follow within a few days of receiving your card.  All details regarding loading your card with funds will be sent to you at the time of card despatch.

Why do I have to give my National Insurance ...  Driving Licence or Passport Number ?
This information is required as a way of identifying you.

Do I have to pay any deposit ?
No, none what so ever.  You can withdraw and/or spend the total balance on your card at any time.

Where can I use my card ?
You can use your card anywhere MasterCard or Visa is accepted worldwide, the Internet and via telephone plus millions of Banks and ATM machines worldwide to withdraw your funds.

How do I gain access to my account information ?
You can log on to your secure private online account which shows all of your account history and balance or you may prefer to keep track of your account via 24 hour telephone access.

What happens once I have completed the simple online form ?
Your application will be processed and your card will be despatched subject to ID and address verification.

If your ID and address cannot be verified, you may submit suitable documentation to prove who you are and confirm that you reside at the address you have provided - details of documents required will be supplied online at the time of your application.