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100% Guaranteed Acceptance: A MasterCard ... Visa or Amex For Everyone !

UK Prepaid Card & Credit Card Solutions

Credit cards, debit cards and guaranteed acceptance prepaid gold cards. Whether you have a poor or bad credit history with CCJ's or you are bankrupt, perhaps you have been refused credit or you are simply looking for the best credit card deal available, we have a credit card and prepaid card solution for everyone.

We aim to provide accurate and up-to-date offers from the various finance houses offering credit card, debit card and prepaid card products and we pride ourselves on sourcing the best credit card deals around.

e-Debit Card 4 All.com are a friendly and approachable face in the credit card industry - if you are looking for a great 0% deal or perhaps you want a branded credit card which will help your favourite charity or football club, we have a card that's right for you.

We do not make a charge for the information we provide - it is simply the best rates and deals sourced for your convenience.

Whatever your financial circumstances or status, let us, one of the UK's favourite and reliable credit card deals specialists help you on the road to obtaining the credit finance you deserve.

Furthermore, we have prepaid cards including gold cards which are available with 100% guaranteed acceptance * and no bank account required and no credit checks undertaken.

Helping spread the cost of the 2012 New Year Sales, apply online today for a cash loan from Provident Financial - your loan will be made available to you, direct to your door, in amounts from 50 to 500, credit history not a problem and tenants applications welcome.

Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard & eAccount

Introducing the Kalixa prepaid MasterCard and eAccount (formerly Cactus).

This pay-as-you-go MasterCard and eAccount really is a bargain in the prepaid card market with a FREE OF CHARGE electronic reload and NO monthly account charge and NO charges on transactions using the MasterCard at POS or online.

Kalixa prepaid MasterCard is the best way to spend abroad. All purchases made abroad using the Kalixa card are FREE.


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Virgin Money Prepaid VISA Card Range

Virgin Money have launched a new series of prepaid cards which include a PAYG prepaid Visa card, a monthly prepaid Visa card and a travel prepaid Visa card available in Euro's or US Dollars.

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escape Prepaid MasterCard

escape Prepaid MasterCard, the great new prepaid card to manage your day to day general spending - it's FREE to use online and instore and FREE to share money abroad.

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Tuxedo Eccount Banking & Prepaid MasterCard
The "Open To Everyone" banking facility and prepaid MasterCard.

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UK Cards Overview

In addition to providing great deals on the best credit cards available, we are dedicated to sourcing guaranteed acceptance and prepaid MasterCard, Visa and Amex cards for people with adverse credit and no credit history - perhaps you simply want a convenient way to budget your money.

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Payment Card Services

Prepaid Pay As You Go Cards | MasterCard ... Visa & Amex Available

Prepaid Cards

UK chip and PIN prepaid cards.

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0% Credit Card Offers | Football Club & Charity Branded MasterCard / Visa Credit Cards

Credit Cards

0% offers - football and charity cards ...

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Non Status Credit Cards | Debit Cards & More

If you consider yourself to have financial problems or maybe you think you might prove to be a difficult adverse case because of past bad credit, we may be able to help.

Perhaps you think of yourself as a credit card applicant who might not be accepted by the main credit card issuers due to past credit problems or you might not meet the criteria of the credit card company and you are declined a credit card.

Here at e-Debit Card 4 All.com - we have card products for people from all walks of life even if you have been refused a credit card elsewhere.

Capital One Credit Card Range

A range of credit cards from Capital One including the well known and best seller Classic credit card for people with a poor credit rating.

Also re-introducing the Capital One AspireTM World MasterCard offering a typical 12.9% APR representative variable for people with an excellent credit history and the NEW Capital One AspireTM Elite MasterCard.

2012 continues to see the Capital One OneRate MasterCard (formerly known as Capital One Click) and the Capital One Balance Transfer MasterCard credit card.


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Secure Trust Prepaid MasterCard & Bank Account
Everyone is ACCEPTED for a prepaid MasterCard and basic bank account with Secure Trust Bank.

If you've experienced problems and been refused a MasterCard or bank account - Secure Trust Bank will accept you and furthermore, NO credit checks are undertaken.


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Orange Cash Prepaid MasterCard
Everyone ACCEPTED - this is a truly 100% GUARANTEED ACCEPTANCE prepaid MasterCard from Orange Cash, just so long as you can verify your ID ... a great prepaid MasterCard for anyone in the UK or for anyone looking for an alternative to a bank account or even a credit or debit card.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (ID Proof Required)
  • Quick & Easy Application

If you're looking for a well known branded PAYG MasterCard, Orange cash prepaid MasterCard is a great offering.

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Speed-e-Card Prepaid MasterCard
The secure alternative to cash, everyone accepted - the speed-e-card prepaid MasterCard offers INSTANT APPROVAL with NO credit checks.

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